Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 2 in Deming, New Mexico


It has been so cool to experience the whole "small-town" thing! I'm not really the small town type though...

Anyway, we had a pretty good week!

Tuesday: we met with Daniel and Maneli. They are the parents of this super awesome family we are teaching! They are super close to baptism! Later, we went to the border village of Columbus! All our appointments fell through and we had to start driving back but not without first getting a pic with the US/Mexico Border Fence! We were also taken out to Denny's for dinner! I tried to do All-you-can-eat pancakes but only got 5 done with...

Wednesday: Gave my first Zone Training! I think it went really well! I do like being in front of people and presenting things! Later that night, a member owns the gas station restaurant and had us eat there. We had Carne Asada Tortas! They were super good! Also, open tap! Soda tap, that is. Anyway, a sister was passing me her plate to throw away then it bumped my straw and tipped over the cap-less cup spilling orange Fanta into my lap. Luckily I was able to react fast enough to dodge most of the spillage. My planner, however, does not have a very good reaction time. Not it looks like a bloody planner... That is okay, I am technically "killing" Elder Tyler this transfer.

Saturday: We had Miguel Lopez with us for the weekend on a Mini Mission! He and I have basically the same personality and we are basically the same person. He is just Mexican me! We went to a baptism for the English Elder's investigators then the new converts invited us all out to Denny's! I did not do the all you can eat this time ;)

Sunday: Today was pretty good! Mother’s Day! I got to talk to my angel mother! Then, in church, in 3rd hour, the person that was supposed to prepare the lesson prepared lesson 7 instead of lesson 10. So after many looked around the room, I stood up and made a lesson. We read from the book and I asked questions, others commented, and I invited them to act on what they had learned. I did this all in Spanish by the way. I do like getting up in front so I was super comfortable!

So I have learned this week that my Spanish is pretty good and that I am actually a good missionary. I feel like I have progressed a lot! But I know that it is what the Lord has done for me by my actions and desire to progress! The Lord can help us overcome trials and be better! If we put our trust in the Lord, rely upon his grace and the Atonement, we can overcome! Recently, we have been talking about planning and setting goals. I have set a vision, plan, and schedule for where I want to see myself by the end of my mission and just a little after. I know that as I desire good, do good, and have faith, that the Lord will help me!


Elder Dallin Baker

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