Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all the birthday love! Thank you
family for the package!

Monday: As a zone we had a BBQ! We were at a park and got to play
sports outside! Then we had a nice lesson about the Plan of Salvation
with a family. The kids had a lot of questions, not all were on

Tuesday: After the food bank, we got ready then tried visiting some
people. We ended up having a little lesson with a recent convert and
her daughter. We talked about hope and the hope that comes from faith
in Jesus Christ. Around dinner we stopped by the apartment office to
see our friends Maria and Crisol, the manager and assistant manager.
We talked with them and talked with a guy named Graham. He is new in
the complex and he moved here from New York. Crisol said we should get
to know him since he is new and doesn't know anyone. By the way, the
Sisters are teaching Crisol's daughters and we are good friends with
Crisol. Later, we had a lesson with Victor, Penelope's dad. He is
doing really well and he is on the track to baptism! We watched The
Testaments. It is a movie about the coming of Christ to the Americas
in the Book of Mormon. It was really good and there is a real
spiritual high at the end. Then we all shared our favorite parts and
enjoyed the warming presence of the Holy Ghost.

Wednesday: BIRTHDAY!!!! I opened my presents, immediately made the
Lego race car within seconds, then made a cake. I put Oreos in he
cake, the Hershey's Cookie and Cream frosting, then Oreo crumbs on
top. We then had district meeting. It went really well! I assigned out
parts to district members and they did a great job! We then had a good
time in the kitchen. Mordida. It is a hispanic tradition to get caked
in the face... Usually they slam your face into the cake but I decided
to take it wedding style. We tried the Oreo cake I made but nothing
stuck and it was just like sandpaper then it fell off. We then used a
piece of cake left over from the baptism a few days ago. Don't worry,
it was in the fridge. That got me good. I will include the video.
After, we went and got lunch at Pei Wei!!!! I found one here!!!! Then
we went to try and visit some people but nothing stuck, unlike the
second round of cake. We did have a lesson and dinner with the Ortiz
family! It went well and I almost got an ice cream cake mordida by
surprise but I successfully blocked it. Win! Then we had a volleyball
fellowshipping activity that went really well! It was a great 20th
birthday! I also ate some candy and drank some soda. Haven't done that
since the beginning of September!! Also our apartment was magically
decorated/trashed. Hahaha it was great!

Thursday: Exchanges! Today I was on exchanges with Elder Stidham in my
area. It went well and we were busy the whole day with the food bank,
lunch with a member, appointments, dinner with a member at Buffalo
Wild Wings, coordination meeting, then looking for people he taught
when he served here. It was an awesome day and It was great to speak
Spanish almost the whole day. I am very comfortable speaking Spanish
the whole day.

Friday: Today is Elder Wilstead's birthday! He is 19 now! Paint
service! We did this big painting service at an elementary school. I
was on the tape crew. We had a great dinner to celebrate Elder
Wilstead's birthday. Later, we had a lesson with Victor finishing up
the last principles to be taught. Then we were invited with the
Sisters to go to Crisol's house. She made us cupcakes. It ended in
mordida... I will include a small video as well. The video doesn't get
that after the first cupcake then it turned into a cupcake fight and I
got a second cupcake in the face and up the nose. So I have received 4
baked goods to the face this week...

Saturday: Service with Joe! After, we finished up some stuff then I
had to lay down because I was feeling sick. Later we started working
on the baptismal program for Victor's baptism. We did some weekly
planning then went to Panda Express for a little companionship
birthday dinner. Then it was an awesome adult session of stake

Sunday: Stake Conference! Then we finished weekly planning. We then
had a lesson with Ivan then a nice lesson with Hno Gonzalez. Hno
Gonzalez is doing well trying to come back to church after straying a
little bit. We had dinner with Hna Ahumada, she is like a really old
grandma for the missionaries. She is also probably the funniest person
alive! She always wear homemade beanies around her house. She had made
2 and gave them to me and my companion! Then we tried contacting a guy
that Elder Stidham taught. He had moved but we set up an appointment
with the current resident! Then we had a lesson with the Ortiz! It
went well and we watched a general conference talk. Then we finished
with me teaching Elder Wilstead some Spanish.

This week was pretty good!! This Saturday is Victor's baptism and it
is when we find out about transfers!

Have a great week!

Elder Dallin Baker

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