Monday, October 13, 2014

Elder Baker, how far away is that plane? - Week 8

Preface: A TON of airplanes fly over our apartment. All the time.

One night walking into the apartment:
Elder Tyler: Elder Baker, how far away is that plane?
Me: I have no idea.
Elder Tyler: About 22 months!
Me: Wow, low blow! It's about 9 months for you!

So the other night I experienced the plane joke, as all Greenies should.

Anyway, I had a pretty good week! Ups and downs were present.

On Tuesday we knocked on more doors! I had my first real experience talking to people at the door and a reminder of what it feels like when people dont answer. But we now have some more possible investigators. One of them we were able to talk to but that story is coming.

Wednesday we had Zone Meeting! We talked a lot about faith and finding tactics! After we had an appointment but it fell through. We then knocked around on the street with no success. Elder Tyler felt really sick and since he is the only one that can drive right now, we went home. We got him a Priesthood Blessing and I finished making cookies. It also rained a ton! This made it almost impossible to visit people because most of our area is dirt roads.

Oh! My cookie experience! The oven in our apartment is NOT your average size. It is small! Then the cookie sheet I used was too big! So the cookie sheet stuck out and cause the door to stay open a bit. This, in turn, cause the sheet to incline and cause the cookies to slope and slide down as they were baking. And because the door was open, they came out half burnt. This was a disgrace to my Baker name and skills... 

On Thursday we did a lot of service, mostly painting, to fix up a trailer for a single mother with kids. Over time, and on my mission so far, I have seen many instances where the father will raise the family but then leave. I have seen instances where the father will leave the wife and kids with bad credit and debt, making it almost impossible to get to a better situation. I will never do this. I will always stay faithful and support my wife and family!!!

On Thursday we saw a man named Guillermo. He is building a really nice trailer, it is basically your average house, for missionaries to live in! It is really nice! He has problems sleeping and is suffering from depression. He needed a blessing of comfort. He asked me to give him a Priesthood Blessing. I love the Priesthood because I can always use it to serve others! It is impossible for me to do anything for myself, I can not ordain myself or give a blessing to my self, but I can bless others. 

Friday was good! We were finally able to see Hector Luna! He is doing well but we need to be able to meet with him more often. He really needs to start coming to church! We followed up on a our street contact that we met on Tuesday. His name is Jose Angel and we found out he has met with the missionaries many times before and his wife is a member of the Church! We had a great time getting to know him and his wife. We are seeing them again on Wednesday. Friday night I had my first Sanora dog! It is a hot-dog but Mexican style! Toasted bu, beans, peppers, and onions. It was soooo goood!!!

On Saturday we did some service at a park. We then visited an investigator of the Hermana's because she needed a blessing. We also had an appointment with Hector and Jose Angel but those fell through. Such is missionary life. Ups and Downs. We also wanted to save on gas and mileage so we walked a walked a bit! I felt like a classic missionary! hahaha

Sunday was my first time at the branch! It was so much fun! When we sang it reminded me of the Portuguese Branch, slight cultural tone deafness, but it was great! I understood so much! I also bore my testimony in Elders Quorum. Later, we got a call from the Hermanas. They were passing off a former investigator to us. He had been taught by Hermanas in the past but they thought he needed the Elders now. They passed him off to us because he called and asked to have the missionaries over again! We visited his house, talked with his mom for a bit, and left our number. Later that night, he called us! We have an appointment with him tonight! His name is Luis.

Thats pretty much it! Hope all is well with everyone!

Elder Dallin Baker 

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