Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In the Frontier - Week 9

So this week we picked up a new Nissan Frontier! It is really nice and handles well on the dirt roads that we have.

But, good afternoon everyone!

I am happy to report that I bought a ton of fruits and vegges this week!

So Luis!
Luis is amazing! He has been taught on and off many times by Sister Missionaries but the Sisters turned him over to us. We have been teaching him and it has been going really well!! He is very receptive and has a great desire to change! He really wants to come to church too! We have a baptismal date set for November 15. I really hope he follows through on all the commitments and can be baptized!

The other night I participated in another blessing. This one was for healing the sick so we used consecrated oil. I anointed in Spanish but pronounced it wrong. I need to learn that part of the language. We didn't learn that in the MTC. But it was a good experience but I want to say the blessing correctly.

Anyway, I don't have very much time left this week! And not much happened.

More will come next week!

Please write letters! I can respond better that way! I only have 1 hour to email!! And you have to put my first name with it. There is another Elder Baker in the mission.

Elder Dallin Baker
939 W Chapala Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704

Hope you all stay safe and have fun and choose the right!


Elder Dallin Baker

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