Monday, October 6, 2014

First week in the field - Week 7

This week has been amazing!

To answer main questions, I am in the Sahuaro Branch, in the Sahuarita Arizona Stake. It is southwest of the city of Tucson. We are fed every night and we get some pretty awesome Mexican food! My companion is Elder Tyler from Orem Utah. He is very nice and we get along really well! We have similar interests and we have fun and get a lot of work done. He works hard and is a good example. We live in an apartment that is nice and cozy. I am learning what to buy food wise. Last week I bought juice, a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and honey. I have peanut butter and honey toast every morning and I have a nice PB&J when we dont have dinner. I think I need to branch out but it is hard. When I first got here I had to buy some necessary, non-food items.

First let me describe my area. It is very large so we have a car which is awesome!!! It is small homes but mostly trailers. It is a very humble area; very different from the area where I grew up. It teaches me about how people live differently and make do with what they have.

I love this area! My first day I set a baptismal date! His name is Noe. He is very receptive to the Gospel. On Sunday morning, he attended the first session of GC with a member. He really learned a lot! We will visit him more this week to finalize and set up an interview!

Hector is our other investigator. He is very kind and has a great desire to learn. His wife took lessons while he was in jail but never got baptized. He has been very receptive and has recognized the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lessons. We also set a baptismal date for Hector. On Saturday he called us and I answered. He talked about how he is scared and how he wants to hide every time we knock on his door. He said that he knows what we teach is right and that he feels the peace the Holy Spirit brings when we are with him. He wants to be better. I said that any change is scary and that because it is such a big and important change it is even scarier. We talked more and I was able to comfort him. He said that he wants to be baptized and he asked how he can watch Conference. So Hector is amazing and he has a firm desire to follow Christ.

My first tracting experience went super well! The first door we knocked on let us in. Seconds later we find out that they are members of an English ward in our stake!! They gave us soda and candy. It was like a visit to grandma's house because they talked for a long time but it was a great conversation. We then had to excuse ourselves to get to our dinner appointment.

The other day, on our way home from Hector's, we saw kids walking home from school. It was kind of weird the way we talked to them. We rolled down the car window and talked. The first group of kids were not interested. We drove further and talked to this one kid named Warren. I asked if he had faith in Christ and wanted answers to important life questions. He said yes! I placed my first Book of Mormon and asked him to read Alma 32! As we were driving away we looked in our mirrors and could see him reading!

I love being in a car area!!

Apparently, according to many members, investigators, and my companion, my Spanish is really good... I feel so inadequate in my Spanish skills. I really want to study more and become stronger. I am studying everyday to work out my "Spanish Muscles."

Thanks for all the prayers and love!


Elder Dallin Baker

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