Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Week!

My first Missionary birthday!

Tomorrow I am going to the store and buy a cake and some ice cream. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, you know whats up! I am emailing today, because while tomorrow is Transfer Day meaning that it is Pday, tomorrow is also Veterans Day so the library will be closed.

I am staying in the Sahuaro Branch another Transfer!

So on Tuesday we have what is called THE DAY. It is the last Tuesday before a transfer and it is a bunch of exchanges within a zone. I was sent down to Nogales, AZ for the day. I literally got within 50ft of the border!!! It was so cool to be in a different area for the day with a different companion! I had a ton of fun!

Investigator Update!

Leticia and Hugo are the best! They are so prepared! They have a date for the 29th of November and I think they will make it! They came to Church on Sunday! We have met with them many times over the past week and are meeting with them again this week! Leticia said that when she prayed she received an answer! Hugo has faith that he will. One night our conversation led to families and we talked about how the Gospel will better your relationship with your spouse. They do not have children but have been married for a while. I gave them a copy of The Family: Proclamation to the World. The next day, Leticia said she read it and she and Hugo love it! It makes perfect sense! They are trying to have children and Leticia is taking medicine so we will probably be giving her a blessing soon to help her. They are just such a nice and loving family! They are just perfect! They have such a great desire to accept the Gospel and they are learning really well! They are reading the Book of Mormon together and Leticia said she feels a greater peace in her home and she feels that her relationship with Hugo is better and happier.

Noe, Hector, and Luis have been dropped. They have not been keeping appointments. As of this moment, they are not showing any interest.

Jose Angel and Maria are doing well but we need to go over a couple important points of the Restoration. Then I think Jose will accept a baptismal date.

Eduardo is doing well but is being interesting, He is supposed to be getting married this December and we talked to him about if he has brought up the Church with his fiance. He may be a little nervous to accept the Church if she doesn't want to accept the Church. But we will keep praying and working with him. Hopefully he will give us permission to send Missionaries to her house to start teaching her. She lives in Phoenix, so out of our control. We definitely want his permission first though.

That is all for now!

Thank you so much for all the birthday cards I have received so far!!!

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Hooray!! Today's your birthday!! Enjoy your Cookie Dough Ice Cream :-)