Monday, November 3, 2014

Beginning of November - Week 11

Wow what a week!

So this past week was week 5 of my first transfer! (A transfer is a 6 week period.)
So I am almost 3 months old!

And my birthday is on the 11th!!!! It is the beginning of a new transfer, so transfer day, and that means that that day is PDAY. So I will be able to email on my birthday!!!!!

So this week we were able to meet with Eduardo again! We went on splits and I was with a senior missionary, Elder Armstrong, and I taught most of the lesson. We talked about Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life. We asked him in our last visit to read 1 Nephi 8 before this lesson and he did! He came with golden questions that I had scriptural answers prepared for! IT WAS PERFECT! We talked about how we need to grab the iron rod (accept the Gospel), take steps toward the Tree (Attend church, read the Book of Mormon, and pray), and then partake of the fruit (Baptism). By the way, I did this all in Spanish! And then we set a date for him to be baptized and he accepted!!

So every month we have about 1800 miles we can drive. We were getting close to our limit on Thursday so decided to park at a member's house in Summit. We asked if we could park, they said yes, and then they gave us a referral! We started walking, tried to contact the referral, but she had moved away, we kept walking and saw people outside the next house. We decided to talk to them, turns out they had met with missionaries before! Then, we came to find out it was a Former Investigator family we had been looking for!!!! We had talked to her on the phone but we couldnt get her new address because they had moved to a different trailer in Summit and her daughter was sick this past week. So we talked with them and we think they are ready now! We have a return appointment with them for tomorrow! Then we were walking down the street to see if a house was the home of a member's friend. It was! We talked with him on his door step and got his info and he said we could come back! We then kept walking to see a less active member. We got to her house, knocked on the door, son answered, dad yelled, and the door slammed. The dad does not like missionaries. So, being humbled after our string of success, and it being time to go back for dinner, we walked back to where our car was parked. As we went into the member's home to thank them and get water, we found the less active member named Maria! Success! We drove home with huge smiles from our successful day!

During the week we did a Zebra Blitz (An English and a Spanish Elder together) in an area called Summit. Summit is all trailers and so it is a lot of walking from door to door. We did talk to a woman named Leticia. We got her info and she said we could come back! On Saturday we were in the area and we were able to meet her husband Mario Hugo. We talked with both of them, answered some of their questions/"preknowledge" of the Church, and taught/introduced the Book of Mormon. Then, THEY asked if they could come to church!!! Yesterday was Stake Conference but they still came!!! They actually beat us they! We were on our way and another set of elders sent us a text saying that they were there already!!! They are perfect and I am sure they will be baptized soon!

Last PDAY I got a haircut! Nothing special, just shorter.

In other news, some of our Investigators have dropped. Noe and Hector have not been responding and have not been keeping commitments. Luis has been missing appointments but we will talk to him tonight to see if he is still interested.

Also, I have a nickname by the members of our Branch! They call me "Chilango." It is the name of people from Mexico City in DF because of they way they talk. A member started calling me that and it caught on because my Spanish was born in Mexico City in DF at the CCM. So I am called Elder Chilango.

Hope everyone had a great week! Thank you for all the letters!

Have a great week this week,

Elder Dallin "Chilango" Baker

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