Thursday, November 27, 2014

It is night!

So this week was pretty awesome!

On Tuesday we had splits and I went to teach Jose Angel and Maria. Maria is less active but has been great at bearing supportive testimony!! So Jose still hasnt prayed and still hasnt been doing our reading assignments! So we read Moroni 10 together. We talked about a few of the verses then here is how it went down:
Me: Jose, have you prayed yet?
Jose: No. I want to pray at alone at night
Maria: It is night!
Jose: No at night
Me: It is night!
Jose: But I will later
Me: Jose, will you go to your room right now and pray alone?
Jose: No, I will later
(I then felt inspired to give him a firm promise/command)
Me: Jose, if you go and pray right now, asking if the Book of Mormon is true, I know and can promise you that you will receive an answer tonight.
Jose: (Silence)
Maria: Go!
Me: Jose, we will wait here for you. Even if it takes 20 mins we will wait.
-15 minutes later-
(Jose walks back into the room wiping a tear from his eye)
(In my mind and view He was glowing)
Jose: I got my answer.
Me: How do you feel?
Jose: so good and peaceful and good
-And it went on-

But It was so funny and crazy and amazing! It was a great experience! 

This week we have not been able to meet with Leticia and Hugo. Leticia is sick so please keep her in your prayers.

On Wednesday we became a trio! Elder Teio joined us! He is an amazing teacher and he is from Tahiti! Today he bought like 4 bunches of bananas...

While tracting one day we got a potential/return appointment with a man named Jesus. We went to visit them one night and it turns out that he and his wife were baptized but havent been active because they didnt know where the Church building was! So we are working with them to bring them back!

Another day we were going to contact a referral. No answer. We went back to the car to talk about what we were going to do next. As we were driving away I noticed a car outside the referral house that wasnt there before. As we were driving away I felt inspired to turn around so we did. We knocked on the door and they answered! He is a great guy and more about him will be in my next email.

We also got this awesome wave from this old man in a car this week. It was pretty awesome.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!

I am so grateful for all of you!!!

Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Dallin!! Greetings from your friends back in the Creek :-)