Monday, November 17, 2014

Nacho!!! - Week 13

So I finally met a guy named Nacho the other day while tracting!

Thank you for all the birthday love! I really appreciate all the letters and packages!

So for my birthday I was woken up by a kind of large Samoan Elder on top of me. Elder Tyler let the other Elders in and the Samoan tackled me on my bed! They "Kidnapped" me and took me to breakfast at Denny's for my birthday!

Friday I was in kind of a bad mood. I am telling this because not everyday is a perfect happy day. Some days are really challenging. Something reminds you of home, too many doors slam shut in your face, or all your appointments cancel. Friday my mind was thinking a little about home and I was getting frustrated at everything. I was basically silent the whole day. Some days are hard.

Thursday was great though! We taught the awesome family again! Hugo and Leticia are still awesome! We left them with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet so they could read it as prework for our lesson. They read it! They had some great questions prepared! Before the lesson they said a cousin's daughter died at 7 months old. They were comforted to know the Plan of Salvation now! They asked great questions throughout the lesson. I passed around paper and we all drew it together. They loved it and really learned it! We are teaching them tonight and will be teaching the Word of Wisdom so tonight will be fun :)

Eduardo moved!!! :( He moved out of our area so we just have to help him make the transition to the other missionaries. It is hard but it is the right thing to do. All missionaries are on the same team.

Sunday was the Phoenix Temple Dedication. We were able to watch it at our stake building! Great thing to see! It was my second one. First was the Atlanta Temple.

Jose Angel is doing well! We retaught the Restoration and finally, truly accepted baptism! He should be good from here on out!

Otherwise, this week was kind of quiet.

Thank you again for all the birthday love! Special shout out to my parents and my good friend Celeste for the packages!

Stay awesome!

Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Great photos!! It's the days when you feel down that make the great ones so much sweeter :-)