Thursday, October 22, 2015

Final Week of the Transfer #10

Great week! We received transfer calls and I am STAYING for another 6
weeks! It will be awesome!

Monday: So today, to celebrate a missionary finishing his mission, we
went to an indoor trampoline park! It was so much fun! There is an
Elder from Ecuador and it was his first time jumping on a trampoline.
It was like watching a little child jump for the first time, only it
was a 20 year old young man that is a bit larger than a small child.
It made my day! Oh and earlier in the morning we did a great hike! It
was a really easy one because it was just a paved straight way. But it
was beautiful! Later, we visited people from the branch directory
list. We met a young man that hasn't been to church in a while and we
set an appointment with him.

Tuesday: Exchange! I was in the El Rio branch with Elder Stidham. It
was a lot of fun! We have been out for about the same amount of time.
We spoke Spanish most of the day and had a great time working

Wednesday: Today we Had a early service cancel then we had zone
meeting. It was great then we all went to a pizza place for lunch.
After, we visited a recent convert then some members from the list.
After a few names, I felt that we should go visit Jose. We did and we
had a nice little lesson with him. I think that there were other
things that were pulling his focus away from the gospel and they took
hold of him. He hasn't been keeping commitments.

Thursday: Great morning at the food bank then studies. We did some
finding then visited with Ivan. We then kept working on the list.

Friday: We had studies after some service then some member visits to
continue the list clean up. After dinner, we visited with a less
active family and come to find out that her daughter has not been
baptized. They are all an awesome family and they want to come back to
church. They are the Ortiz family and we had an awesome lesson with

Saturday: We had a long service in the morning that ended with a nice
lunch with members. We then stayed at home for a bit while Elder
Wilstead rested because he was feeling sick. We finished the night by
going out and trying to contact a few more members.

Sunday: All the missionaries gave talks! Church was great and the
Ortiz family came to church! After, we had dinner then we went to
teach the Ortiz family the Plan of Salvation. They loved it and had
lots of great questions. We then were called by the Hermanas to give a
blessing to their investigators. I gave on to the father and Elder
Wilstead to the mother to help them overcome challenges they are
currently facing as they work to make this step in the gospel. Then,
after those blessings, the 8 year old daughter Carmen asked for a
blessing. She picked me to give her the blessing. It was the most
amazing thing to give her that blessing! I felt, in such intensity and
in such quality that I cannot describe, the Spirit of God and God's
pure love. She is such a pure, beloved daughter of God. It was so
beautiful. I don't even know how to describe it. I am just grateful
that the priesthood has been restored.

Hope you all have a good week!

Every day I am answering, in my journal, "Have I seen God's hand in my
life today?" It is amazing what you will see! I invite you all to
answer that question and write down your answers in your journal.

Elder Dallin Baker

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