Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunday Translation

This week was really good!

Monday: A fun Pday followed by a few visits. (Sorry, can't remember much)

Tuesday: We had service at the food bank then studies. Then, we
grabbed the bikes, put them on the car, and drove to an area for
finding. We rode around doing visits. After dinner, we were able to
visit the Ching family! Usually we see them once a week but we were
inspired to go and visit them! We had a great little lesson! They are
learning so much and loving it but aren't really up for commitments...

Wednesday: Long meeting! We had a zone meeting talking about
Christlike attributes and responsibility. I was asked to give a
training in a workshop rotation. So I gave a training on charity 3
times. It was really cool and we learned a ton about responsibility.
Then we had a lesson with Ivan. Later, we visited Raquel, a less
active member. She wants to come back to church! After dinner we had
the stake volleyball activity. We are now 4-1...

Thursday: Food bank then some more finding. We visited Raquel again
and talked about prayer and scripture study. We then had dinner and a
meeting about missionary work in the branch. We are seeing a lot more
unity and communication now!

Friday: We pulled some weeds for a member and I was bitten by ants a
few times! Later, after studies, we helped out with the fall festival
of our apartment complex. I worked the cotton candy machine! After
dinner, we visited Penelope and had a great lesson on tithing!

Saturday: Elder Wilstead had an appointment in north Tucson so that
took a good chunk of the morning. We had studies then went to help
clean up at a women's festival called Hope Fest. After that, we had a
nice lesson with the Ching family again! They had some interesting
questions today... Later, we did some visits and finished planning for
the upcoming week.

Sunday: church was great! Elder Wilstead and I had a great language
study before church. He is learning well. After church we visited Ivan
because he was feeling sick. I made chicken alfredo for dinner then we
visited Penelope. We had a good lesson on other commandments. Later,
we visited Jose to see why he isn't coming to church. He is still
being stubborn and doesn't want to commit.

Thank you dad for teaching me about commitment! Especially when driving 😉

Hope you all have a great week! Look for miracles and be safe on Halloween!

Elder Dallin Baker

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