Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Exchanges, Inspiration, Girlfriends, and Interviews

Hey guys! Hope you had a good week! We had a great week down here in Douglas! 

Exchanges: On Monday, we drove up to Sierra Vista. We were able to play zone sports! We played volleyball and it was a blast because we are all good friends! I had some good moments. Good blocks and a great dive that I caught on video. After, we did exchanges and I went back to Douglas with Elder Ruiz. He is super cool and we became super good friends! We spent the day together on Tuesday. We had an interesting lesson with Eugenio. He was super out of it and was basically half asleep. We also had a good time doing service that morning and had a great lesson with a less active man named Daniel. 

Inspiration: Wednesday, before dinner, we got back in the car and Elder Chiñas had the strong impression that we should go visit Mario and Elizabeth. We followed it and we were able to come in, teach a lesson, and give Elizabeth a blessing! Good job Elder Chiñas!

Girlfriends: Not mine, because I do not have one, and not Elder Chiñas' girlfriend either. There are two less actives we are working with that have nonmember girlfriends. Mario and his girlfriend Elizabeth. Then there is Daniel, we finally got in contact with him on the exchange on Tuesday, and his girlfriend Alma. We had 2 lessons with Mario and Elizabeth and they went super well! We had a great lesson with Alma and Daniel! We shared a message, Daniel cried, bore powerful testimony, and asked if he could say a kneeling prayer. It was amazing to see his spiritual fire reignited. President Passey was with us too, so that added to our power to testify. 

Interviews: President Passey! He came down to Douglas to do interviews. He took me and Elder Chiñas to dinner, went with us on the lesson with Daniel and Alma, and then did our interviews. He also stayed at our apartment that night. It was great to talk to him and discuss goals and plans for the next couple months. 

I hope you all had a great week! This week was amazing to me as we followed inspiration and were instruments in the Lord's hands. 

Have a great week! Stay safe and SEND LETTERS!!!

Elder Dallin Baker

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