Friday, February 19, 2016

Transfer News... Feb 16 - April 5

So we got transfer calls... And I am staying in Douglas with Elder Chiñas! This will be our second transfer together in Douglas and our fourth in total! Crazy!

Please write letters!!!! Since I am staying in Douglas here is my address:
Elder Dallin Baker
1810 E 8th Street #J
Douglas AZ 85607

Eugenio: So here is a good story. So on Tuesday we went with a member to see Eugenio. It was great having that member because they connected instantly. So we planned to teach him the Word of Wisdom. We talked about how we do and don't do certain things SO THAT we can have the Spirit with us. He understood everything really well and committed to live it. He said he wouldn't have any issues with anything. Then, we go over on Saturday to teach another lesson, the Law of Chastity, but as we come in he is trying to hide this little cup of something. He confesses that it is a mixture of coffee and alcohol to "calm his nerves and get rid of his depression." He was pretty tipsy, not drunk, but tipsy. He was pretty funny during the lesson but it was sad that he was doing that. We talked about repentance and we finished with a prayer. Right as I said amen, he started his own prayer out loud and started repenting, asking for forgiveness from God, and he asked for God to bless us. He said, "prepare their mansions well, these angels." It was kind of nice. We are trying to help him understand that is not really us, but the Holy Ghost that is the real support. So it was kind of a funny but sweet experience. We are super happy that he understands repentance and prayer.

JP: JP is a friend of a young man in the ward named Daniel. Daniel is working on his papers to serve a mission! So we had a lesson with JP and Daniel. We taught the Plan of Salvation. While we were teaching, Jp would say things like, "Daniel and I talked about this," "Daniel told me about this," and "Daniel taught me about this already." So Daniel is super awesome and a super good missionary. JP understands a ton and wants to be baptized and come to church!

Elizabeth and Tony: They are doing well! They really need to come to church though. They are learning a ton and want to be baptized too! It would be a great thing but they need to come to church first.

This week was super good and Douglas is getting better and better!

I hope you all have a great week! Write letters please!


Elder Dallin Baker

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